The message, “you are enough” will be heard by our 3rd quarter, 2015 graduates on Saturday, November 14th at 2PM EST during an online ceremony celebrating their accomplishments.  Faculty member Nicole Hawkins shares her perspective on what graduation means during a short keynote presentation.  Lakewood College holds online graduation ceremonies so that graduates, friends and family members can participate wherever they may be.  They are later archived at our Youtube channel for all to enjoy at anytime.

For information on how to attend the online ceremony, please contact Jim Gepperth via email at


Lakewood College will host two mediation training opportunities in December of 2015 at our headquarters in Cleveland Hts., Ohio.  The first is a two day basic mediator training to be held on December 7 & 8.  The other, a five day, 40 hour advanced training for business, family and divorce mediation will be held December 9-13.  The courses will be taught by college founder, president and author, Tanya Haggins. For more information about these opportunities, please call 1-877-850-0052 or visit

Become a medical billing expert by learning about all of the ins and outs of healthcare reimbursement, including practice completing numerous industry standard forms, with employer-trusted program.

Make the Most of Your Military Spouse Benefits with Healthcare Training.
Gain all the skills you need to work in a pharmacy, including hands-on experience through an externship with Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy and preparation for the national PTCB Exam.

What training do you need to work in medical insurance billing and coding?

What training do you need to work in medical insurance billing and coding?

The following students have either completed half of their course or graduated from their program in the month of February while maintaining a grade point average of 3.6 or higher!

Jennifer Adams
Olujoke Aina
Jennifer  Allen
Kristine Bennett
Destina Blevins
Melanie Bobola
Pattie Boik
Vanessa Borche
Misty Branch
Shelby Brandenburg
Lacy Cartwright
Jennifer Castaneda
Amanda Crouch
BriAnne Crowder
Erin Cunningham
Caroline Dann
Kristina Decatur
Bethany Farris
Marissa Finley
Nicole Goodwin
Deme Jiles
Courtney Love
Druanne Moorman
Zamarie Rosario Rivera
Tiffany Sanders
Raven Walker
Jasmine Washington-Bradshaw
James Watts
Jessica Weber
Shannon Weindel
Yubing Weng

Congratulations again to our Dean’s List recipients for the month of February!

Lakewood College would like to acknowledge the hundreds of students who would have made the Dean’s List prior to its creation in June of 2013. We applaud all students for their efforts and look forward to seeing all that they accomplish in the rest of their course and in their futures!

Congratulations to Melissa Busby, the Lakewood College Student of the Month for January. Melissa was nominated by her Success Coach, Alysia. Melissa busby

“Melissa Busby is a student who has seemed how to find the secret to balancing her school work and caring for her family. The mother of 5 has found a way to manage her time wisely in order to progress through her Medical Billing program and earn high grades. She has shared with me that when she finds that she has a few minutes of down time she take advantage of it by reading a few pages in her book, answering a few questions on her homework assignment, or reviewing the chapter information before she takes her test. She has a positive attitude about finishing her program and she has not letting any challenges stand in her way of earning her diploma.”

“I’m an Infantry wife and stay at home mother of five children ages 16, 8, 6, 2, and 6 months. I am also enrolled in Lakewood College’s Medical billing and coding programs. Since starting this program in I’ve given birth, and have been helping take care of my terminally ill father so it has been a rough go. All the while Lakewood College and my support staff, namely my success coach Alysia Barraro, have helped keep me on track and take time when needed. I credit that support to my success so far and my imminent program completion.”-Melissa Busby

Congratulations to our Dean’s List recipients for the month of December, 2014.The following students have either completed half of their course or graduated in the month of December while maintaining a 3.6 grade point average.

Kathleen Acoba
Kathrine Alexander
Caroline Ashley-Branch
Charles Kevin Banks
Melissa Bostillo
Cindy Brantley
Ashley Brown
Antonio Brown
Pamela Bruce
Haydiee Burkes
Silvia Chavez-Tobar
Gilberto Cruz
Jennifer Debski
Michelle Dickens
Amanda Dotson
Yamirah Echevarria-Melendez
Phillip Irwin
Krystal Jones
Jamie Karakostas
Colleen Kraemer
Ellen Kyles
Novena Langley-Navarro
Laura LeMaire
Maribel Lepe
Ernest Lewis
Delilah Lopez
Keila Lundy
Roshell Lyles
Maria Martinez
Klarissa Mena
Gina Montes-Gilliard
Jessica Olague Madera
Yahaida Perez-Lemon
Itzel Pile
Maria Pulliam
Ginger Quaid
Sarah Remmers
Rebeca Saicheck
Tiffany Sanders
Khadijah Sanders
Hollie Slater
Gordon Smith
Angela Smith
Krista Spencer
Cecily Tindall
Maurice Tribble
Annette Tribble
Shannon Weindel
Stevie Wright
Tondelia Yishrael

Congratulations again to our Dean’s List recipients! Lakewood College would also like to recognize all students and graduates who have worked hard in their program.

Congratulations to our Dean’s List recipients for the month of November!  To be eligible for the Dean’s List in a certificate or diploma program, students must graduate or complete half of their course in a given month while maintaining a 3.6 grade point average. Associate Degree students must complete 12 credit hours while maintaining a 3.6 grade point average. The following students have met this requirement.

Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Allen
Leidy Anderson
Jami Armendariz
Heather Arrington
Courtney Barnhart
Quatisha Bass
Crystal Boswell
Erica Calloway
Jaclynn Canary
Jinne’ Colony
Christina Cordas
Chelsea Cormier
Carrie Corn
Caroline Dann
Angelica DeJesus
Sheena Doyle
Lindsie Emery
Caci Felton
Anna Lisa Franco
Elisabeth Fulmer
Winter Gibson
Bobbie Gibson
Lindsey Gottschalk
Monique Green
Susan Hall
Portia Hives
Tina King
Kimberly King
Tonia McDonald
Adebisi Mekuleyi
Kristi Moran
Kimberly Moreno
Katherine Munas
Lizbeth Ortiz
Brianna Paine
Jill Parrish
Samara Pierce
Tamara Rodriguez
Svenja Smith
Audrey  Stauss
Cassandra Sulk
Joann Takeshi
Mickael Tatum
Raven Walker
Jessie Whitlock



Congratulations again to our Dean’s List recipients! We would also like to applaud all students for their hard work in their course and acknowledge the students who would have made the Dean’s List prior to its creation in June 2013.